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Content 101: Creating Memorable Content That Drives Success

Creating content and marketing has become a necessity for any and all businesses in our world today. It’s a lifeline that, in most cases, determines their success rate in achieving goals set out per annum. While producing the content itself is not a challenge, creating content that stays with your audiences beyond the initial viewing or reading is what most companies strive towards.

Memorable and engaging are just two words audiences hope to associate with the content they consume. This seems to be where most businesses falter, where they fall into a slump, creating repetitive and hollow content that does everything but capture the hearts and minds of audiences.

As such, here we go over a few aspects of what makes content engaging and memorable to keep audiences connected and your business soaring.

#1 Be Original

To be completely original would mean being 100% unique, and this may seem like a fantasy with the plethora of content being released today. You may think what you are creating has not been done before, but the truth is, it probably has. Thus, it’s a daunting task to create content that is completely original. However, that should not stop you from establishing your own brand voice through your content. The idea here is to make content that is unique to you, that reflects what your business offers to the world around you.

Put forward your own spin on trending topics by sharing personal stories that some may not have experienced. It is not wrong to go over topics that have been covered before. It is wrong, however, to recycle what has already been said. A unique personality is what audiences gravitate towards, and this is what increases the clicks every business desires. Little by little, you will be able to build a loyal following that is eager to read every piece of content you release.

Write more original content that showcases your originality, so that readers are fully invested in what you have to say. Ultimately, they can walk away with the memory of what your brand’s singular voice offers.

#2 Be Thought-Provoking

Writing content with personality alone is not enough, as sooner or later, audiences want content that challenges the way they think. It’s best to create exciting, intellectual content that surprises audiences with every line they read. It helps the content creator break out of a comfortable routine in favour of something that pushes their own mind intellectually. On the other hand, audiences can gain new knowledge but are also left with strong thoughts to ponder. It’s important to understand that it’s not about putting your foot down and having an immovable stance. Conversely, it’s about providing nuances that pose questions to put your audiences into deep thinking. Lean into the grey areas and let the audiences answer those questions themselves.

With that said, this content must always be relatable to them. Often, many creators make content in which it feels like they are talking down to their audiences in the pursuit of delivering intellectual content. This can be detrimental to its success, as the layman may not be connected and understand what is being said. Hence, it is always important to make easy-to-read content that strikes a chord with their imagination while being relatable and accessible to your audience. This strategy seems to be deployed by the many outsourced content writing and marketing services in Malaysia, in which extensive time is spent on crafting content that gets the gears of the mind running.

Make thought-provoking content, where your readers can have information to carry along with themselves and impart to others. In the end, this just adds to your overall reader engagement due to highly memorable pieces of work.

#3 Evoke Emotions

Consuming content is mostly just endless scrolling without a care in the world. Here is where emotional content comes in and stops this tiring trend of passable content. Creators want to give readers a piece of content that stops them in their tracks and makes them feel, rather than just passively reading through it. It may not be the easiest thing to cook up, but it is a good start to making memorable content. A good way of conveying emotions is by writing stories. Storytelling is a great medium that emotionally resonates with audiences, as they discover aspects of the story that relate to their own lives. Try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and highlight what types of stories evoke emotions in you.

This could be a personal experience of sorts that has a correlation to the topic you are covering. By seeing real-life experiences, an emotional response follows. Try to evoke emotions like fear, happiness, and sadness, all through smart and passionate content creation. Vulnerability and a raw voice go a long way towards making content that readers cling to, where they now actively seek your content because of its emotional tangibility. Content writing and marketing services in Kuala Lumpur, nowadays, aim to satisfy the emotional quotient of any piece of content as they too recognise the need to write heartfelt content that makes an impression on the hearts of their audiences.


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Content creation is an art of its own that businesses pour hours of effort into, with the hope of retaining their audiences while attracting newcomers. The need for memorable content is now more important than ever, with the rate of content consumption being at an all-time high. Businesses need to adapt to the times and tap into the wants and needs of their audience to ensure their content is embedded in their minds and, more significantly, in their hearts.

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