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Content Planning: Keep It Short And Simple By Following These Tips

You may be familiar with the acronym KISS — Keep It Short and Simple — not only does it apply to presentation skills, it applies to copywriting as well. An overstuffed copy is not going to be a good copy. A good copy not only sells well, it is remembered in the hearts and minds of all the readers, clients, and customers that come across it. How do we make sure that our copy is not only income generating, but also memorable?

Let’s see some of the pointers that are common in all good copies:

#1 A Captivating Headline

You must know that the attention span of your audience is short, and they very quickly scan through headlines that come in every single day in their vicinity. Therefore, you must capture their attention at the moment they lay eyes on your headline before they turn to other headlines that excite or intrigue them. For your headline to make an impact that will draw in readers to read further, you must evoke a sense of urgency or timeliness of the subject as it is of importance to the reader at that set point in time. Second, you must put in the usefulness and benefits in specific words that can explain the entirety of the content in a few short words. Last, your headline must be unique in order to stand out from a crowd of noise that is also competing for your readers’ attention. Then your headline will be all set to be put on the stage to test its workability and effectiveness.

#2 Stick to One Message

It can be confusing for readers if your copy has more than one intended message. Be clear from the start about what your message is. You could have more than one. Then, narrow them down to one main, important message. That is the final message that you want to convey to your audience. From there, it can serve as a clear direction as to where all your efforts want to go. Sticking to one message can make your audience clear about what you are communicating, and it will stick in their minds the next time they think about needing a service or product that you offer. For example, when they think of stationeries, they will come to think of your brand because it reminds them that you have exactly what they need.

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#3 Easy to Understand

Your readers don’t have the mental persistence to decode the message you have put up in your copy. Don’t make them tired just by trying to understand what you are saying. You must make it as simple and as easy to comprehend as possible in order to make sure that they understand it from the get-go. Otherwise, you may just lose a potential reader or audience that may have or could have become your customer or client. Concise, clear and simple messaging. That’s all you need to keep in mind when generating a good copy.

#4 Connect and Engage

You must be aware that you are speaking to a living human being that wants to feel connected and not just be informed. Use words that evoke feelings instead of rationalisation that bores and does not connect with the audience. However, use adjectives sparingly to avoid being too fluff and distracting. 

#5 Pump In Your Own Personality

You can use language that sounds as if a real person is talking directly in front of them. This can make them feel that they are reading something that comes from a real living being and not just some algorithm that is behind the lifeless words. You don’t have to merge into or follow every proverbial way of writing out there. Instead, invent and stick to your own style of writing. It makes your words more like a representation of your personality than just another copy that already exists in the world.

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