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No New Enquiries? Content Writing Will Get You Out Of That Dry Spell

We all have the product, the service that we are clear about selling to our potential clients. We craft the vision, the mission, the idea, the identity of our business. Not only that, but we pitch our craft to the online stage of millions of internet users, and then we wait. We wait for the clients, the customers, the like-minded folks, the internet tribe to respond. Nothing happens after months and months of waiting. We try to stay active on the net, trying to stay afloat when it seems like we are drowning– drowning in a sea of competitors and minuscule visibility.

What did we miss?

Did we do everything that needed to be done?

Naturally, businesses will experience a plateau state after receiving a series of enquiries, and new partnerships from both customers and clients. This is when the big question comes in:

What do we do next?

What are the reasons for this dry spell?

But, worry not, because here are some reasons why you have not been garnering attention, and how to tackle them via content writing:

  1. Your Audience Doesn’t Know Who You Are
Source: Marc Joseph

Being a new brand in the sphere, you are usually not known to your audiences on the internet. It’s good to keep in mind that your audience has very short attention spans. They would not be patient enough to get to know you if you do not place a short biography or introduction on your webpage or social media platforms. Your short introduction should exude human qualities, such as “I am an avid bike rider when I am not at work, or I have two small puppies named Tom and Jerry who race around the living room when they see each other.”

You want to make your visitors feel that they are connected to a real human being behind the screen, not just a brand that is lifeless and dead. You may feel cringy about explaining who you are or what you do, but it is important to establish it in a short paragraph so that your visitors can instantly know what you can offer them and, therefore, stay long enough to eventually engage you.

Topics of interest vary according to seasons. You got to know the timing of festivities and global or local events to hook your readers at the exact moment in time. Say you were writing an article on 10 things to buy for Chinese New Year and posted it during June. You are sure to not be met with any form of engagement because it is not relevant any more during that period of time. So make sure you are aware of matching your content timeline to the timeline of what is happening around you. Remember to develop a keen observation of your surroundings to know the exact right timing for your audience.

Source: Omne Present

Your headline should sound as if it is or can be done in the here and now. For example, Mona Lisa is coming to Kuala Lumpur, rather than Kuala Lumpur being visited by Mona Lisa. Using an active voice helps the reader to grasp the sentence quicker and more effectively. This is because it aids your reader to visualise what is happening when you use action verbs. Your headline should also convey the benefit your readers can get just by looking at your headline. This is because your reader knows instantly what to expect from the headline that you have stated.

Source: Soft Prodigy

You might like to bombard your reader with a wealth of knowledge that you may know in one article or video, but remember that your reader doesn’t have that much attention to insert the large amount of information that you are throwing at them. It is good to make takeaways in bullet points or in numbers to make them easy to remember and substantial enough to be memorable.

Source: Pinky Bell

You might be led to think that you must sound very corporate or professional to connect with your potential audience. That is usually not the case. If you are a fashion clothing brand that exudes the quirky, bright, and fun colours of wearables, then write your copy in a very serious and corporate kind of language. It may do more harm than good to do so because your audience is fun and quirky and doesn’t talk in the serious language mode that you have chosen to use in your writing. Instead, just use the language that suits your brand style and work with it. You may find that your audience appreciates your writing tone that matches in accordance with your own style.

In the process of content writing, never be afraid to fail and always enjoy the ride! 

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