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Top 5 Tips on How to Attract Customers to Your Website

Having a unique and eye-catching website is essential to a business these days. Nowadays, we can see a rise in digital marketing and tele-marketing, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many traditional businesses are forced to switch to online or digital marketing to continue their services. With the rise of digital marketing, the golden question arises: what makes a website stand out from others? Below are some tips to attract customers to your website.

1. Visually attractive

This is the first and most basic thing that a website should have. A website should have a light-coloured background, or it can even be a dark one, but with good contrast. The font and line spacing should bring ease to the eyes. The heading should be short and specific to the business.

The content should also be short and precise. Not too many words, as this will, bore the reader, and not too little, as this might omit a lot of information that the reader wants to know. Important words can be highlighted in bold. Bullet points are a great way to point out important points without making them seem lengthy.

The target audience should be determined. For example, a website targeted at kids would have to be more vibrant than a website targeted towards adults. The age group and gender should also be considered. Pictures are a must! 3D pictures or stock images should be used.

2. Easy to navigate

Choose minimalism when designing your website. Customers should not try to investigate your website for too long to find something. Reduce the number of decisions a customer must make. Sub-links could be added to your website. Most users browse websites on their phones, so your websites should have easy navigation on all devices. The website should look professional and up-to-date, so remember to keep your website updated and proofread for any grammar mistakes.

3. Include promotions and freebies

Who does not love promotions and freebies? When designing a business website, it would be helpful to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to imagine what you would find attractive in a website. Highlighting promotions or any freebies is a great way to increase views as well as increase the frequency of customers visiting. Multiple promotions at different times of the year could be included. You could also include coupons, samples, and free memberships and limit their availability. According to behavioral psychologists, humans tend to attach greater value to items that they believe are scarce.

4. Engage with the customer

Your website should be user-friendly and should not intimidate customers. Contact details should be clear and easy to read. There should be an option for emails as well as a phone number. Social media links are a big plus, as most mobile users use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, so links to these could be included. You can also include a live chat. Also, it is very important to include legal information, as this will increase your customer’s trust.

Online reviews and testimonies should also be included. Anonymous publishing of testimonies should be avoided. Add testimonies or reviews that are specific to your product instead of in general. According to research, 72% of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust a close friend.

5. Ask for feedback and ratings

This is the most direct way to know what is on your customer’s mind. Try to get feedback as much as possible. Different people have different needs, so it is not possible to satisfy everyone, but you will get a general understanding of what to improve. You could even give out freebies or discounts for any feedback that you receive.

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